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This is Shaman. I came to rap not for a day, not for two. I came to this industry of happiness for the years ahead. And I fuck off many foundations, rules and values. I put my bolt on it a long time ago that open the door to a world of more meaningful and deep rap. Well, let's talk about...

Under the hood there quite a face 
With a confident look sets fire to speed race 
One of the few who started old school 
Cutting for years assholes under moon 
In the new moon shone their glossy asses 
Who committed incest. No needed stupid answeres 
I fuck dat bitches hangin' out in the fog 
And buries them in garbage as a little dogs 
Again I kindle the enternal flame 
I burned my past and open new game 
My rap not same not in russian only 
I use my english skillz. I needed, i wanted 
Shaman not using Durex for deeper penetration 
In the rap industry to leave demonization 
My blade is words and super sharpened skills 
That Rip ur fucking flow and any fucking shit

Мне не нужен Дюрекс для проникновения 
В индустрию рэпа чтоб оставить след 
Заточенным скилом до умопомрочения 
Вспарываю тех кто go to the shit

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