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  1. Game Lines Up All Star Features For R.E.D. Album Game says he has got everyone on his upcoming "R.E.D." album including guest features from Dr Dre, RZA and others. "I feel great about this album," he said recently after going over tracks at Dr. Dre's house. "It's back full-force Aftermath and I'm conjoined with Star Trak." (Pharrell Williams is one of the LP's executive producers.) "I got this colorful movement over here where it's beautiful music on this side [with Star Trak] — then when I need to go dark or super grown and sexy, I got Dre over here. The combination is crazy — mixed in with a Cool & Dre track and RZA track and all the sh-- I been doing. The only person I'm upset I didn't work with on this album is DJ Premier. I feel his sh-- would have been perfect for this all-star producer cast that I have. One Premier track would have did me just fine. I would have murdered that sh--. But we ain't get it in, 'cause he was doing a whole bunch of sh-- for Christina Aguilera. I'm just Game. So I gotta just wait for the next album." Game first talked about thte intro producers cool & dre did. "They got the intro to the album, which is titled 'Infrared,' " Game said. "It's one of them joints that Shaheem is gonna love. All the real hip-hop fans, to hear me rap, how I'm rapping on my intro, it's gonna f--- people up. Before you get to #2, you gonna already know I'm serious. I'm spitting. I go in. I done played this for RZA, Dre, Pharrell — all the people who heard this is like, 'N---a, that's crazy!' I haven't spit like I'm spitting on the intro since '300 Bars.' I touched every topic. Everything involving me, I touched." "'Shake' is bad, man," Game said. " 'Shake' is crazy. Cool & Dre brought it in and I went through the 'shakes.' I told the story, cutting myself off right before the 'shake' came in [on the track]. I didn't write none of that down. I went in and said the whole sh-- straight through." "You know what it is about them?" he asked about Cool & Dre. "They are more like my brothers. I can go in with the any moment and make a song. The streets is gonna f--- with it."
  2. Новый трек от The Game. The Game Ft. Ludacris-Pussy Monsters (prod. by Scott Storch) уры
  3. да еще один позерный гол в ворота россии,када мяч пролетел прямо между ног вратаря!!!!ужасс блин((
  4. да нет же,он все таки почувстовал это за%ницей!
  5. я не думала,что марадонна так умен,выпустил игрока,а он и минуты не бегал,так уж и гол забил!!!
  6. да еще капитаном бегал!!!
  7. Аршавину не дали поиграть(( это не товарищеский матч,а бойня была какая-то!!! это не товарищеский матч,а бойня была какая-то!!!
  8. Россия-Аргентина 2:3!!