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Кидаю свои ссылки, которые еще давно заливал, позже, когда будет время постараюсь оформить это на сайте :

Da Bush Babees - Ambushed (1994) 192 kbps

01. Da Bush Babees - Intro

02. Da Bush Babees - Pon De Attack

03. Da Bush Babees - Put It Down-Soundclash

04. Da Bush Babees - Original-Rudeboy's Arrivin'

05. Da Bush Babees - Ruff N' Rugged

06. Da Bush Babees - Just Can't Stand It

07. Da Bush Babees - Da Ignorant No It All

08. Da Bush Babees feat. 2 Unorthodox - Hit 'Em Up

09. Da Bush Babees - We Run Things (It's Like Dat)

10. Da Bush Babees - Get On Down

11. Da Bush Babees - Remember Me-Bleu Buttaflyze

12. Da Bush Babees - Clear My Throat-Ya Mammy

13. Da Bush Babees - Swing It (Jazziness)


Da Bush Babees - Gravity (1996)

1. Intro

2. Gravity

3. Wax

4. The Beat Down

5. Maybe

6. 3 MCs

7. S.O.S.

8. God Complex

9. The Ruler

10. The Ninth Presentation

11. The Love Song

12. Rock Boots

13. In Meh Dreams

14. Melting Plastic

15. Outro

part1 - http://ifolder.ru/8140594

part2 - http://ifolder.ru/8140756

И вот небольшая инфа про группы для тех кто не знает.

Da Bush Babees is a group of underground hip-hop artists loosely affiliated with the Native Tongues. The members of the group are Babe-B-Face Kaos (later Lee Majors), Mister Man (later Mr. Khaliyl) and Y-Tee.

The three grew up in Jamaica and Trinidad, and hence reggae strongly influenced its style, but it was in 1992 in Brooklyn, NY, where Mister Man first saw Kaos perform, that the group was formed. The two began collaborating, and after Mister Man suggested adding a reggae toaster, Y-Tee joined the group. After their early concert dates attracted major-label interest, the trio performed live office auditions and signed with Reprise three months after launching the group. Their first album, Ambushed (1994), featured production from Jermaine Dupri, Ali Shaheed Muhammad, Salaam Gibbs (later known as Salaam Remi) and the group itself, among others. Later releases included "Remember We" in 1995 and their 1996 second album Gravity, which was the group's first underground and commercial success. Its lead single, "The Love Song", was produced by Posdnous of De La Soul; that single also featured a then-unknown Mos Def singing the chorus, who also sang the chorus and rapped the third verse of the album's seventh track, "S.O.S".

Mr. Man later changed his nickname to Mr. Khaliyl and went on to produce for other artists, and also released a rare 12-inch single on Rawkus featuring Talib Kweli, Pharoahe Monch and DCQ. Mr. Man has also recently produced for such artists as Res and Fabolous

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