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  1. La Coka Nostra "To Thine Own Self Be True"   4 ноября


    1 Dark Day Road (Produced by J57) 
    2 I Need Help featuring Sick Jacken (Produced by Leaf Dog) 
    3 Waging War featuring Rite Hook (Produced by The Arcitype) 
    4 Murdered Tonight (Produced by DJ Lethal) 
    5 Stay True (Produced by Statik Selektah) 
    6 Blind featuring Q-Unique & Sadie Vada (Produced by Marco Polo) 
    7 Crispy Innovators featuring Vinnie Paz (Produced by Vherbal) 
    8 Archie Bunker featuring Nems (Produced by DJ Lethal) 
    9 High Times featuring Sick Jacken (Produced by Salam Wreck) 
    10 America featuring Apathy (Produced by DJ Lethal) 
    11 Now Or Never featuring SKAM2? & Rite Hook (Produced by DJ Lethal) 
    12 To Thine Own Self Be True featuring Rite Hook (Produced by ChumZilla)



    Vinnie Paz "Cornerstone of the Corner Store"   28 октября




    1. Intro 
    2. Philo: Metatron: Wisdom (Prod by Oh No)
    3. The Void feat Eamon (Prod by Buckwild)
    4. Steel Sharpens Steel feat Demoz (Prod by C-Lance)
    5. Iron Tusk feat Conway (Prod by 7L)
    6. Limb from Limb feat Ransom (Prod by Teddy Roxpin) 
    7. The Ghost I Used to Be feat Eamon (Prod by C-Lance) 
    8. Herringbone feat Ghostface Killah (Prod by Oh No)
    9. Moroccan Jewels feat Hus Kingpin + Smoovth (Prod by 7L) 
    10. The Coffin (Prod by Psycho Les)
    11. Hakim feat A.G. + O.C. (Prod by C-Lance) 
    12. Hebrew Tau feat Jakk Frost (Prod by Oh No) 
    13. Gospel of the Worm feat Ras Kass (Prod by Stoupe) 
    14. Pistolvania 2 feat Jakk Frost + Malik B (Prod by C-Lance) 
    15. Alcapurrias feat Agallah + Demoz (Prod by C-Lance) 
    16. Yev Kassem (Prod by J-Zone) 
    17. Ninety Three (Prod by DJ Eclipse) 
    18. Blood Addiction (Prod by Alkota Beats)
    19. Writings on Disobedience and Democracy (Prod by C-Lance) 



    Slaine “Slaine is Dead”   23 сентября




    1 (Intro)  (Produced by The Arcitype) 
    2 Slaine Is Dead (Produced by The Arcitype) 
    3 Nobody Prays for Me (feat. Demrick) (Produced by The Arcitype) 
    4 Pusher (Produced by The Arcitype) 
    5 Just the Way You Are (feat. Termanology) (Produced by The Arcitype,Termanology, DJ Deadeye
    6 Knocked Down (Produced by The Arcitype) 
    7 Legendary (feat. Ill Bill, Vinnie Paz & Jared Evan) (Produced by The Arcitype) 
    8 Coming Home (Produced by The Arcitype)