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  1. По моему она классная) С удовольствием бы познакомился))
  2. X-m

    Makkey News

    ха-ха)))лучшее))))молодец чувак)))ржачно))) пиши ещё))) мне нравится)
  3. я и мой маленький друг.. з.ы. без обид)
  4. дмитрий глуховский-рассказы о родине
  5. ?Ты прекрасна ежедневно, Ты прекрасна каждый час. Я теперь всенепременно Думаю я лишь про Вас. Вы,сударыня,прекрасна! И фигура,и душа. Мне теперь уж чётко ясно- Она очень хороша. I love you more than apples, peas, And we should have forever peace. I love you when you kiss me quick. At this time I can’t be sick. I love you more than ever. You’re my girl forever. I love you more than marzipan, Than cakes or milk or bun. I love you more than money. You’re my dear honey. I love you more than RSS.* I love you much, not less. [(*)RSS Feed-спеціальна опція, що дозволяє завантажувати новини (точніше, набір новин) з Інтернету. Реалізована у новітніх мобільних телеф. (наприклад,SonyEricsson K790i,K800i)] Please let me know what is the love? Love is kisses and stars above. Love is when you feel happiness. Love is when you love, not less. Love is when you tell “I love you!”-very well! When you love you can’t deceive Your tender girl because you believe Her and she trusts you. Look at her eyes! There is no disguise. She is innocent girl. She whispers to you “I love you too.” Please don’t leave her! She’s afraid. You see how shivers her plait. And if so shivers her braid You say “Yes, I was made...” I was made to love you now. Don’t be afraid-I’m kind. Wow! You are so beautiful and delicate. I want to kiss you. Time doesn’t wait! But time can’t spoil your beauty and I Caress you tenderly. Don’t ask why. I hold you and kiss you. Let’s be together. It doesn’t matter what is the weather. You shiver in my arms. But why? Maybe you’re tender, shy. I don’t want to stop. Let me kiss you. I want be forever. Be with you. I love your shoulders, your hands, your lips. I love your fingers, your eyes and your hips. Touch me. Love me. I’m with you. You sleep in my arms. You love me too. If you’re happy I’m happy too. I can’t imagine me without you. I love you much more than my tooth. I love you. So let’s go to the Kissing Booth! And I will never give you a pain. I love you. Your happiness is my gain. I’m not a reason of girlish tears. So I say you “Don’t be afraid. Let’s go!” We go to the beach, I lay on the sand. I kiss you and take you by your hand. We are a couple of people with love. I’m sure love is tender enough. I see a lot of stars in the sky. I love you-this love will never die. Touch me. I feel you. Just trust me. This life is good. Just live. Just be. I will help you. You will have no trouble. And if you want I give you a bubble.
  6. "Преступник" и "Любовь и баскетбол" хорошие фильмы. Сегодня смотрел)
  7. The Last Emperor - Do You Remember? MP3: 192kbs, 44100Hz, 3:34 текст: At times, I feel old like I'm going out of style So I turn down the music on my FM dial I beg of you to come and listen for a while And look at this wonderful world through the eyes of a child This is my chance to escape today And I don't want to see my dreams chased away Inside the palace gates is where I stay 'Cause the world is no longer a safe place to play Its like the story of the little wooden boy Who wanted to live the life that every child should enjoy I heard it once of twice before The world is yours for you to explore I heard my calling as a child and I answered it When I grow up and finally get my chance to fit I'll be the sort of man you can't forget I used to stair up at the sky on my camping trips In this quiet night of quiet stars Of quiet chords on my guitar Kids out there, I know it might be hard But I realize how alive you are CHORUS One day I'll travel from the East to the West And tap into the hidden strength that all men possess I'll always be young, see a young mind is fresh And its clear my memories will one day disappear unless Do you remember? Yes I remember Do you remember? Some say the price of life has a costly amount When it comes to fights, I might've lost me a bout But I've never lost my head 'cause that would cost me a scalp So when my heart became cold like the Austrian Alps I used to use my aggression, just to hurt mics In '86 my whole crew was in to dirt bikes Like the GT Predator or a Mongoose Listen as I ride the rhythm and let the rhymes loose This is what makes my life so real I'll take my chances and spin the wheel I can't wait to grow up so I'll know the deal But right now I'm a child and this is how I feel My younger days were sort of tragic despite I learned to unify the pen and pad with the mic I might need a little magic tonight 'Cause to me imagination is the fabric of life My rhymes helped me many times grow'n up Before keep'n it real, all the days are blow'n up I put on shows in my room- nobody show'n up I'm just a little guy now, but when I'm old enough CHORUS That was my train of thought
  8. Tor & Sufjan Stevens - Illinoize: The Remix Tape если вы это не слышали то все бегом исправляться!!
  9. это мой шкаф перед кроватью:
  10. это мой шкаф перед кроватью: хах)) тоже самое и со мной))
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